Visual recipe creator interface

Visual recipe creator is a highly flexible and powerful scraping recipe editor. It is for users who want to scrape from websites with complex structures. With NDS's visual recipe creator, you can:

  • mock people surfing websites by simple mouse clicking, scrolling, and key pressing.
  • scrape data on almost all kinds of web pages no matter behind login or not
  • extract element's attributes like title, URL, image URL, HTML Code or other custom attributes
  • reformat the data extracted
  • download images to local or to remote cloud storage
  • integrate NDS with 3rd party applications or RPA, such as Google Sheet and Slack
  • connect recipes into workflow and pipeline to make more advanced scraping automation
  • modify and enhance recipes generated by AI Recipe Creator
  • modify recipes imported from local or public marketplace

To understand the basics of recipe, please refer to

When using visual recipe creator to create a new recipe, you can start from a scattfold or from scratch.

There are 6 built-in scattfolds.

  • scraping simple detail page
  • scraping list page with Next pagination button
  • scraping list page with scrolling down
  • deep scraping for list and detail pages
  • dynamic query and scraping result pages
  • scraping pages with URL in batch

The following sections will show you how to define recipes via visual recipe creator easily.