NDS management interface

After NDS extension installed on your browser, clicking the NDS icon ( ) on browser's toolbar will pop up NDS's managment window. It contains 5 tabs on the left side:

  • Account
  • Click the head icon to login or NDS logo to access your account.
  • Recipes

    The recipes under 'My Recipes' are all your local recipes.
Icon Description
import local recipes
refresh all recipes
close the window
open a new tab with the recipe's start page, and open the recipe for editing on a the tab
open a recipe for editing on current tab(recipe's start page is not opened)
delete the recipe completely. (scraped data will not be touched)
start/stop the recipe
tell that the recipe is under editing and cannot be executed
start an AI recipe creator on the current page, see AI recipe creator for details
start a Pro visual recipe creator on the current page, see Recipe development via visual recipe creator for details

You can click the title of a recipe to extend details for preview.

  • Data Center

The tables under 'My Data Tables' are all your data, and stored in local. All scraped data are stored here, and the data you imported are listed here too.

When a recipe is executed, NDS will check if the output table declared in the recipe is existing. If not, a new table will be created and all scraped data are stored there.

Icon Description
import local csv file into NDS as data table
refresh all data tables
close the window
export the data table to local csv file
delete the data table completely (unrecoverable)

clicking the title of a data table to preview the latest 5 records.

  • Setting

All NDS's golbal setting are listed here.

Tab Description
General (1) open or close pin protection. When opened, ask for pin when you open the popup window.
(2) open or close the notificaion setting. Once closed, no notication will be sent out when recipe done.
Recipe Editor Compact auto-recognized data table: for these fields with high percentage duplicated value, or empty, hide it or not.
3rd Party Apps Configure apps here, and then these apps are availiable for recipes
Runtime Default value for recipe execution
Data Show System Columns: NDS will generate some internal columns, such as recipe id.
Backup Local Recipes: export all recipes to local. and you can import them on Recipe UI
  • Help

Help doc and Privacy Policy

Tab Description
QuickStart Here you can access all video tutorials on Youtube;
You can send us email (service@minirpa.net) for any questions.
Illustration show the meaning of icons
Privacy Policy Please read it carefully before starting using NDS